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Jewelry Care Tips

If you like to wear unique jewelry, if you like to support the dreams of artisans around the world, if you choose your outfits to match your jewelry, you have come to the right place!

Everyday, I choose the jewelry I want to wear and then match my clothes. I think that jewelry more accurately reflects your personality than the clothes you choose. Clothes are the canvas and the jewelry is the paint for your masterpiece - YOU!  In order for your jewelry to last through the ages, like a masterpiece, we have a few tips to help!

If you love jewelry like we do at Madison Joe, it is important to remember that for your jewelry to last a lifetime (and then some) you must treat it with care.  You should never wear your jewelry in the shower, pool, or ocean. Don't spray perfume after you put your jewelry on, spray first and then add your jewelry. Try not to sleep in your jewelry, it can become tangled or worse, break while you are asleep.

If you follow these very simple care tips, you will keep your wearable art pieces in good repair for years (decades) to come.  I still have a pair of my favorite earrings from 1989 that I wear on a regular basis that still look as new today as the day I bought them in 1989 (that was 32 years ago folks!).