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Leander D’Ambrosia is a contemporary jewellery, accessories and lifestyle brand.  

Her operations are humble and all pieces are made with love by hand, by Leander, in her quaint, rustic home in Guaymas, Mexico – where the cacti riddled desert melts into the gorgeous turquoise coloured ocean. Their shipping and handling headquarters are in Tucson, Arizona where all orders are processed and shipped. Leander D’Ambrosia is a small, family run business with Leander being the primary designer and maker. Her beloved desert-ocean habitat warms their hearts and ignites the creative fire that inspires the enchanting designs of Leander D’Ambrosia, the brand. 

Leander is an Australian artist, metalsmith and maker who has been using her hands and mind creatively throughout her life. After falling in love with metal smithing in 2007, Leander graduated from the Queensland College of Art in Australia and has subsequently dedicated her life to shaping metal, making art and designing one of a kind products ever since. 

Curiosity, travel and wanderlust adventure are key elements of Leander’s approach to life, thus naturally she invented a brand that embodies just that. Leander D’Ambrosia the brand was established while she was living in the Sonoran Desert of Tucson, Arizona – a place she randomly picked from a map, without a clue of what to expect. A free spirited five-month stint evolved into a life of love, marriage, kids and a dog. 

Now based in the Sonoran Desert of Guaymas, Mexico with her little family, Leander finds inspiration in the complexity of the natural environment, in biological forms, rhythms and symbolic patterns woven throughout her life.