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Oh…hello and thank you for dropping in to learn more about Madison Joe! But before telling you about us, can we ask you a few questions?  Good! Have you ever walked into a “big name” jewelry store (pick one…they are all the same!), gazed into the cases and quickly realized that a lot of it looks like the same jewelry you see in almost every other store you’ve visited? Disappointing, right? What about the prices? Crazy high prices for uninspired and mass produced pieces. Even more disappointing…and painful to pay for! These are some of the reasons that inspired us to start Madison Joe.  We want you to be noticed not for the size of the diamond on your finger, but for the unique wearable art that compliments YOU!


A bit about us… We are both veterans and are inspired by our love for our country, our people, and our culture to serve. We have lived abroad and travelled overseas extensively, experiencing world cultures and in terms of Madison Joe, the world’s jewelry. 


Madison Joe has just begun and will be growing to support YOU and artists worldwide! Are you a jewelry designer and want Madison Joe to consider selling your products?  Contact us! Do you know of a unique designer in the US or overseas? Send us their contact information, we would love to consider working with them!


Thank you again for dropping in and please visit often!


Kevin and Cathy