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K.AND. Jewelry’s history begins with Katerina Andrigiannaki, who, through the observation of daily rhythms and interactions with people who dare to be different, envisioned unique creations that would form a synergistic relationship with the wearer in a game of sound and motion.  

Longing to introduce a fresh perspective on fine jewelry, Katerina set up her studio in Chania, on the ancient island of Crete, and built her team with local artisans who utilize traditional and contemporary techniques to ensure timeless quality pieces with an edge. When it comes to inspiration, the founder’s art imitates life: “Everything I do is inherently connected to my work, as each experience and encounter has the potential to become a part of it.” 

Masterfully handcrafted from 925 sterling silver, 18K gold, diamonds, precious, and semi-precious stones, all K.AND. collections are defined by movement, minimalism, and an intense artistic sensibility.